Check out the program for our upcoming Summer Event!

The countdown has started for the Redmond Summer Event, a unique event combining  live music, good food and a market where you can find one of a kind fashion, books and magazines with a thought provoking and inspiring conversation about beauty ideals in media and fashion. What is the history and logic of the white beauty ideal? How are women of color represented in the mainstream visual culture where the white beauty ideal is dominant? How do they experience them and what is the impact of the white beauty ideal on women of color collectively and individually? With our amazing panel of artists, academics, activists, documentary filmmakers and media educators we’ll be looking at how the white beauty ideal in media, fashion and pop culture work to include some, while excluding others and what the consequences are.

The Panel

from l to r: Tessa Boerman and Bel Parnell-Berry

from l to r: Tessa Boerman and Bel Parnell-Berry

Tessa Boerman, documentary filmmaker and creator of “Zwart Belicht” and “A Knock Out” will be sharing her insights into the historical beginnings of representations of black women in Dutch visual culture. Her film “Zwart Belicht” explores how the presence of black figures in Golden Age Dutch paintings by iconic painters like Rubens has gone largely unnoticed, despite the enormous scholarship focusing on these paintings. Many of those figures were black women. We’ll delve into the question of when turning a blind eye turns into the conscious invisibilizing of women in modern visual culture.

With media educator, academic and anti-racist campaigner Bel-Parnell Berry, we’ll be discussing why planning her interracial, international wedding turned into a project that aims bring to more diversity into a wedding industry that tells you that there is only type of couple that gets married: a heterosexual man and woman who are young, white and thin. She will share why marriage equality goes beyond the field of politics to everyday imagery and narratives. Check out her project Invisible Bride to get a sneak peek into her journey.

Simone Zeefuik makes up the third member of our panelist. Simone is a prolific community organiser and among other things the co-founder of Re-Definition, a popular platform for Dutch poets and writers that connects poems, jazz, Hip hop and blues. As part of the creative force behind the platform, Simone organized performances by international performances, master classes and writing sessions that connect and inspire local and internationally recognized talent. Her work as blogger, poet and community organiser concerned with immigration, racism and media shows her committment to challenge policies and the politics of everyday language. She blogs at among other places.

Kim wearing a t-shirt of her own design saying "It's hard to be what you hardly see"

Kim wearing a t-shirt of her own design saying “It’s hard to be what you hardly see”

Last and most definitely not least, Kim Dankoor completes our panel of four amazing women of color mediamakers. Kim is a journalist and media educator who has written on both sides of the Atlantic – in Atlanta as well as Amsterdam – about the impact of hip hop music videos and the representations of black women in those videos on young women. Among other things, we’ll talk with her about the different stereotypical representations of women of color that are pervasive in pop culture, hip hop and mainstream media and the impact of these images on the body image of young women of color.

The program inside the gardenhouse will also feature a special one on one interview with Surinamese-Dutch visual artist Patricia Kaersenhout, who uses painting, photography, video, fabrics and installations to question, subvert, and investigate historical and present (in)visibility of black female bodies.  Sexuality, colonial history and slavery and feminism feature heavily in her works.

The image of me from Patricia Kaersenhout on Vimeo.

Before we get down and dirty with the debating though, enjoy the market and the food, get your nails did by nailartist Trash&Ready and sit back with a drink to listen to music by up and coming talented female musicians Rebekka Ling, Na’omi Paraiama and Augustina Austin. Stick around for the afterparty and relax in the garden to the specially selected tracks of DJ Elvis and the Boogiewomen. Check the program and details below!



4.00 pm Start of the Redmond Summer Event: get your fashion on at the fashion stalls, smarten up with the books at the Savannah Bay stall, get your nails did by amazing nailartist Trash&Ready and enjoy the delicious food! Redmond will also be selling the mindblowing Chimurenga Chronic, a pan-African gazette produced by the literary masterminds at the South-African Chimurenga!
5.00 pm Start of ticketsale
5.30 pm Performance by Augustina Austin: AfroSoul artist with Ghanaian roots redefining R&B with an African appeal
6.00 pm Performance by Na’omi Pariama: Pop-soul singer with Moluccan roots debuting in September this year
7.00 pm Performance by Rebekka Ling: Soul/NuJazz singer performing tracks from her 2012 debut album “Travel light”
7.30 pm Program in the gardenhouse starts: start to get comfortable in the gardenhouse with a drink!
8.00 pm Poetry performance by spoken word artist Tosca Vrede
8.10 pm Interview with Surinamese-Dutch visual artist Patricia Kaersenhout about representations of women of color and how sexuality, race and colonial history influences them
8.30 pm Part I Paneldiscussion with documentary maker Tessa Boerman, writer and activist Simone Zeefuik, academic, media educator and critic Bel Parnell-Berry and journalist and media educator Kim Dankoor
9.00 pm Break with music by Boogiewomen, urban visionaries from Brussels
9.15 pm Part II Paneldiscussion
10.00 pm to 01.00 am Afterparty with music from DJ Elvis and the Boogiewomen. DJ Elvis will bring you the latest  Afrobeat, Azonto, Naiga Jams, Ndombolo, Zuk and Makossa,, while the Boogiewomen will select the finest tracks from Afro, Soul, Jazz to Brazilian Groove, infused with the true spirit of Hip Hop and original beat-making

Market with fashion, food and books by:

OnTheBlock | Poema JonesCaribbean Diners Club| Nura’s Treats |Mila Pastry|Savannah Bay |Trash&Ready

Frédérique Olthuis of Trash&Ready will be doing her amazing nailart at our market!


– Early birds rate 4.00 pm-5.00 pm: free
– Market space, debate & afterparty 5.00 pm-01.00 am: 6 euro


Tolhuistuin, Tolhuisweg 5, Amsterdam


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