Workshops & Talks

Want to learn more about intersectional feminism, post-colonialism & decolonialization, institutional racism or making media for social justice? Hit us up! We explore these themes at Redmond through the radio show, the blog and the events. We aren’t experts or specialists. Nor do we think we have to be or need to be in order to share valuable insights and skills that can make a difference. We are dedicated to recognizing and exposing the ways in which power and privilege work in media and other important institutions in everyday life. The next step is finding ways to challenge, developing strategies for everyday life and finding alternatives like making your own media. That’s what Redmond is all about.

We believe that building collective understandings of the oppressions that we have to deal with on a daily basis is important step towards taking collective action and creating change. That’s why we organize interactive talks and workshops with an intersectional approach that are aimed at analysing structural oppressions and engaging the participants in exploring their own positionality and the ways in which they can recognize and challenge these structures in everyday situations. Contact us at radioredmond[at] for more information.